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Buryas Bridge Garage

02 - Apr - 2015

Here at Buryas Bridge Garage we cater to both the domestic and commercial markets throughout Cornwall.

About Us

Buryas Bridge Garage in Cornwall

Buryas Bridge Garage

About Us

Here at Buryas Garage we have a wealth of experience on many remarkable models having owned and maintained many of them over the years. We can provide the technical backup and parts for these unique and often covert vehicles.

All our work is carried out in house, therefore quality and vehicle wellbeing are easily maintained, irrespective of your requirements.

We appreciate that nothing in life is perfect and every owner seeks improvements in one form or another. We fortunately are not of the blinkered belief that everything leaving Stuttgart cannot be bettered. Whether it is just retrofitting a later more reliable part to an earlier model, improved lighting for the winter months or a full bespoke performance conversion; we can not only show the customer the options available, but offer a full quotation and provide endorsements.

We provide a initial customer contact, in person or by telephone. This is handled by a technically aware staff member. This allows the customer to explain any symptoms or requirements before work is started.


Realistic labour charges are applied to all work with written quotations.

We are both insurance and warranty approved repairers; therefore any accident damage can be quickly rectified with gleaming paintwork and the original wax under body protection reapplied.

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