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Buryas Bridge Garage

02 - Apr - 2015

Here at Buryas Bridge Garage we cater to both the domestic and commercial markets throughout Cornwall.

Land Rover Specialist

Land Rovers Specialists in Penzance

Land Rover

"Explains why Buryas Bridge Garage, tucked away on a quiet rural road between Penzance and Land's End remains one of the UK's best-kept Land Rover secrets. I say UK, as judging by its portfolio of overseas customers patiently waiting for floor space in it immaculately-presented workshops, the Buryas Bridge Garage is clearly the rest of Europe's first port of call if you have a large wedge of cash and want your Land rover to stand out from the crowd.

The Buryas Bridge outfit may only be a small company but it's clearly one with a massive reputation. And having witnessed the standard of workmanship the company turns out first hand, i can appreciate why other higher profile bespoke tuning companies suddenly get rather twitchy at the mention of the Buryas bridge name."

Land Rover World - July 2004

Buryas Bridge Garage carries out servicing, repairs and MOTs, but a core part of the business is transplanting brand-new Tdi engines and R380 gearboxes into older Land Rovers.

Land Rover World - May 2006

The Bespoke Project

Buryas bridge garage is, without a doubt, the UK's finest Land Rover speciality builder you've never heard of. Even driving past its smart workshop on the road to Land's End, the row of BMW, Audi and Mercedes on its village green forecourt provides little indication as to the bespoke green oval work that goes on behind closed doors.

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